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Will you dare listening to the raw, sometimes ugly truths this man has the courage to say out loud for his kin’s sake ?

Or will you rather chicken out, and keep your head up your arse ?

You don’t need to believe in God (Yahweh) to learn some historical facts about The Jew/mulato Kike Eisenhower, or was his first name Ike ?

How he betrayed over 900 American POWs held in Russian Gulags.How he ordered to starve to death the Germans and their allies POWs in France, Germany, and other European countries after WW2 was over. How the Jewish Banksters will take from you what they didn’t take yet in 2008. What communism is doing today to take over America, etc… James

Wickstrom, and Bob Jones do not spare the rod, and don’t shy away from the front line.Evil MUST be opposed, good MUST be upheld.


To pretend that the world is other than it is was self-defeating. To lie about it, or try to fool others about it was unthinkable. Once one’s eyes are opened to the Jews and what their policies are doing to America there was no question of keeping his mouth shut and going on about his business.

We HAVE to speak out against them. Fight them anywhere, anytime, under any conditions, no matter what the odds.

And fight them with all the strength of your being. I’m sure if there had been just a thousand men like Dr James Wickstrom in America in 1966 we’d be living in a healthy, progressive, America today.


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