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Uk Column News Round Up in no particular order.


Wake Up Watchmen – Our Children Are Being Stolen By The State


Social Services Deliberate Destruction Of A Family


What is a Social Worker?


The Torture Of The Breaking Family Unit


The Unnecessary Deaths Of Children Nationwide

Child Abuse: The End For Big Insurers


Common Purpose Dark Arts In CoramBAAF Academy


Children’s Services: Working to a Hidden Global Agenda?


Police Scotland Collaborate With Google To Censor Hollie Greig Abuse


UK Column Live Special – Paediatric & Drug Company Abuse

Stealing Our Children With Brainwashing & Propaganda


UK Column Live Special – Paediatric & Drug Company Abuse

Social Work and Agenda 21


Hollie Greig Robert Green And The Failure Of British Justice To Protect Children

From Conception To Adulthood: A Significant Risk Of Harm


Panorama and the BBC Cover-up of Child Abuse


Age of Consent



BBC: Is Internet “Addiction” A Mental Illness?


The Welsh Assembly: A Dictatorship Masquerading as a Democracy?

Theresa May – Privatising The Police, Alienating Them From Public Accountability


Labour MP Sian James And Her Thugs Try To Hide Causes Of South Wales Suicides


No Business Of The State

Open Letter To Policing Minister B Lewis MP Re Police Whistleblower



Britain’s Final Solution

From Magic To Madness – The Government’s NLP Assault on Our Minds


Letter to Goddard CSA Inquiry: Protecting Melanie Shaw And Other Child Abuse Survivors

Liverpool Care Pathway rules, OK!

Chocolate And Understanding Britain’s Growing Death Cult


Order Then, Order Now Nazi ?




Whatever Happened To Grand Juries?


Stefan Sutherland: The Unanswered Questions



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