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This is the story before The Tiernans and before the Tiernans were the children of Grace McEvoy.

Grace McEvoy and her husband the late, James Coleman McEvoy (human bomb victim of the IRA) had 13 children. Their names are; (the late) Michael, (the late) Dermot, Pat-Joe, Peter, Susan, Sean, Marian, Margaret, Kevin, Paul, Caroline, Jackie and Martin. They were known to many as the ‘McEvoys on Rathfriland Road.’ James Coleman and his wife Grace McEvoy lived with their children at 52 Rathfriland Road where they owned a petrol station and shop right next door. James Coleman and Grace McEvoy were very proud of their company and their home. James Coleman, in particular, was a very kind and nobleman who helped many families from going hungry and homeless.
After the death of their father James Coleman McEvoy in 1991, Grace McEvoy had told her children that she was going to leave the family home and shop to her eldest son Michael to which her other children had resented. Michael sold the shop, but not the family home as Grace McEvoy was living there with her son Pat-Joe and soon after her daughter Jackie and grandchildren moved in.
Throughout the years, the siblings of Jackie McEvoy have expressed their hatred of what their mother had said was in her will. Every week, four siblings, in particular, would arrive one day a week for an hour, discussing the same topic to their mother, “who’s going to pay for your funeral?”. They would express their anger towards her leaving their mother very depressed and took her three days to bounce back. They also had this hatred towards Jackie because she was living in the house with her children. They were emotionally abusive towards Jackie and at time violent towards her as the police were called many times to the house by Jackie’s young children.
When Paul Tiernan fraudulently represented Jackie’s ex-husband Kevin McCartney, in the sexual abuse case that Paul Tiernan had changed into a contact case and argued to have Jackie’s children put into care, because he used the excuse that Grace McEvoy, was abused as a child and would be a “potential abuser”, never once did Grace’s other children take action against this man Paul Tiernan for what slandering and disturbing things he was trying to indicate towards their mother. And when in 2009, when Jackie was diagnosed with bowel cancer, none of her siblings came to the house to see their mother or their sister. Whenever a friend came to visit, the siblings would get involved to tell them “to mind their own business”, leaving their brother Pat Joe to cater to his mother and Jackie’s children’s needs alone.
It wasn’t until the year 2014, when things got more violent and aggressive. Grace McEvoy’s mental capacity was declining rapidly and the siblings were arriving to the house often, nearly every day. Arguing with Jackie that she and her children need to leave. When Jackie and her children did not leave, the siblings decided to spread vicious allegations against their sister around the town of Newry. Behind her back (This was discovered a year later.) they went to Social Services and accused her of being violent towards their mother, all of which was deemed unfounded by the Social Services. On the 15th of August 2014, three siblings (Sean, Susan and Margaret) came and removed Grace McEvoy from her home to reside in Susan’s house and did not take her home until the day of her passing the 3rd of April 2015 and that was to be waked.
The following information is from evidence that was given to Lord Chief Justice Morgan to which he ignored.
–  18th of July 2014.  Health Record. The siblings took Grace McEvoy to Daisy Hill Hospital where she was described as “New confusion – believed people were in room – asking to put people in little boy” the following health record stated “family concerned re recent deterioration in memory/orientation. Sometimes unable to recognise family members and disorientated in place + person. Forgetful”
–  9th of August 2014 two siblings, Sean and Caroline arrived to the house and police were called by Jackie’s daughter as they became violent towards Jackie.
– 15th of August 2014 three siblings (Sean, Susan and Margaret) came, stripped the house and removed Grace McEvoy from her home and had her reside in Susan’s house.
– 20th of August 2014 Grace’s GP records show her doctor trying to respond to a Solicitor who was calling him. “Failed encounter – message left on answer machine solicitor – tried office and mobile phone.
– 21st of August 2014 Grace’s GP records show her doctor again trying to respond to a Solicitor claiming to be Grace’s Solicitor. “Failed encounter – message left on answer machine rang solicitor again – left message on machine”
{from the evidence that was given to the Lord Chief Justice, was a letter from Grace’s GP confirming the following; “I can confirm that I spoke with a Solicitor Ann Marie Featherstone who worked for McGuigan Malone Solicitors in the days following the 21st of August 2014. She was asking me to do an Assessment of your mother’s capacity to make decisions. I informed her that I could not do this for her and she should seek specialist opinion regarding your mother’s capacity to make decisions.”Just days after taking their mentally confused mother from her home, they had a Solicitor lined up to quite clearly change her will. This Solicitor Ann Marie Featherstone is a crook who once was involved in a case with Jackie and her ex-husband Kevin McCartney. This vital piece of information also tells us two things, that Paul Tiernan and his wife Bernadette Heaney, were not the siblings first choice to change their mother’s will and that Paul Tiernan and his wife did not have a specialist opinion, despite Grace McEvoy needing one. Also, days after she was taken, was a letter from Grace’s insurance that arrived to Grace’s house, acknowledging the request that was recently made and telling her how much she would receive from her death. Who requested this was a mystery. }
– 20th of October 2014. A health record titled “Do not attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” The doctor circled “NO” to the following question “Does the patient have capacity to make and communicate decisions about CPR?”It shows in this record that three daughters of Grace McEvoy made the decision for her.
– 24th of October 2014 Paul Tiernan brother Francis Tiernan is jailed for fraudulently changing the will of an elderly lady who lacked mental capacity
– 30th of October 2014. Health record; “an elderly lady with a general decline in function over last few months. Now off feet and confused ++ with personality change.”
Unfortunately, this marks the end of the Health Records as Jackie McEvoy was unable to retrieve more because she needed the executor Bernadette Heaney’s permission or a court order to which both Judges, Judge Horner, and Lord Chief Justice Morgan refused to allow her, despite the already strong pieces of evidence that quite clearly points at lack of mental capacity towards Grace McEvoy.
-1st of January 2015 Paul Tiernan and his wife Bernadette Heaney fraudulently change the will of the late Grace McEvoy without an acknowledgment in the will of her being of sound mind or specialist opinion.
-3rd of April 2015 Grace McEvoy passes away.
Her wake lasted three days and Jackie’s siblings and their children showed no signs of respect, they treated the wake like a three-day party and were very loud, noisy and at times were verbally aggressive towards Jackie’s children. They would frequently discuss how much Grace’s house would sell for.
-6th of April 2015 the day of Grace McEvoy’s funeral, Jackie’s sister Caroline told her that her and her children would have to leave because there was a new will and the house has to be sold. When Jackie asked her “What about Pat-Joe?”she applied with”that might not work.” It was later discovered that in the will it asks for Jackie and her children to evacuate but it fails to mention Pat-Joe evacuating. (Who lived in his mother’s house all his life.)
-14th of May 2015. Sisters Caroline and Marian arrive to the house and were trying to put a for sale sign up.
-18th of May 2015. Jackie emails who she believed was the executor and Solicitor Bernadette Heaney and asks her if the will was read out.
-27th of May 2015. Bernadette Heaney impersonates a Solicitor and sends an email from Tiernan Solicitors Newry, that states
 “I had believed that all members of your family were well aware of the contents of your Mother’s Will. It has not been read to anyone as such. Are you not aware of what the Will contains?”.
To recap;
The siblings have always complained about Grace McEvoy’s wishes to leave her home to her eldest son, the now late Michael. During the year of 2014, when Grace’s mental capacity was declining and was often branded as “unable to recognize family members” and “confused on a new level” by the NHS, the siblings visited the house regularly. They pushed many times for Jackie and her children to leave and when she refused, they had spread vicious allegations (to which they will be sued for in the near future) about her and even went to the Social Services to try to have their mother removed from her care and when the Social services declared their allegations unfounded they removed their mother themselves all in the bid to change her will. They had lined up a Solicitor named Ann-Marie Featherstone, who tried to get a doctor’s confirmation on Grace’s mental capacity and when this Solicitor did not get one, four months later, they decided to go to Paul Tiernan and his wife Bernadette Heaney, who didn’t have any remorse about fraudulently change the will of an elderly lady lacking in mental capacity. The siblings brought their mother back home and that was to be waked, there they spent the three days of her wake treating it like a party and constantly talking about how much the property would sell for. On the day of the funeral, Caroline approached Jackie and told her that she had to leave the property with her children because of the new will. A month later, Caroline and Marian arrived with a lady to have the house valued and were pushing to have a ‘for sale’s sign up. Weeks later Bernadette Heaney confirms the will was not read out to anyone but yet she states “all members of your family were well aware of the contents of your Mother’s Will.
“The siblings knew the exact contents at the day of the funeral and at the wake. This all proves conspiracy between them, Paul Tiernan and Bernadette Heaney, because Grace McEvoy did not have the mental capacity to change her will as she “could not make and communicate decisions” according to the NHS.
Paul Tiernan and Bernadette Heaney have now made it their mission to take Grace’s home. After Jackie was tricked by her counsel into signing away her inheritance. This couple is pushing to take the “court fees” out of the estate meaning the siblings who once made a deal with this couple, will have their inheritance taken by this couple.
Jackie McEvoy
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