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The Brother In The Family.

Francis Tiernan from Forkhill, County Armagh, jailed over £1m will fraud.


We must point out the family solicitors probably are a good bunch but it takes 1 or 2 rotten apples to spoil the pie.

The investigation had raised concerns about improper lending, conflicts of interest, an undisclosed business relationship with a customer and suspected fraudulent activity against First Trust Bank covering a period from 2003 to 2009. The alleged fraud concerned a total sum in excess of £3 million. The statement of complaint identified transactions moving money into accounts held by Tiernans, a firm of solicitors with offices in Newry and Crossmaglen. The complaint also identified the involvement of Peter Brassil, a solicitor and ex-employee of Tiernans in the financing of a number of the allegedly fraudulent loans. It was also contended that a loan in excess of €1.2 million was transferred into a Tiernans account and thereafter the whereabouts of the money was unaccounted for.

Peter Creegan was arrested at 14:55 on 27 October 2009. At 18:45 he indicated that he wanted Thomas Tiernan, solicitor, informed of his arrest as soon as practicable. The Superintendent in charge of the Serious Crime Suite at Antrim spoke to a Detective Inspector in the Organised Crime Branch and was informed that there was reason to believe that Tiernans practice was involved in some of the transactions but that investigations into the whereabouts of the €1.2 million would form part of the second phase of the investigation. The Superintendent was also informed that Tiernans had “fragmented somewhat in recent months” and that two of its solicitors who had worked there during the period of the alleged fraud were now working independently. They were identified as Mr McNamee (a partner of the firm who brought this challenge) and Peter Brassil. The Superintendent believed that both would be unsuitable to represent Peter Creegan as this could compromise the investigation or interfere with his right to a fair hearing.

Tiernan had ‘ fought tooth and nail’ to avoid going back to court in Newry to face the charges which were ‘founded in greed and deceit’.

First  Francis Tiernan

Then Paul Tiernan see video above and here

The Wife  BERNADETTE HEANEY sole executor of Grace Mcevoys Estate Got all  the power even though she’s not a practicing Solicitor.


The alleged former leader of the IRA today launched a legal battle to block his trial for tax evasion.

Mr O’Higgins said the first Mr. Tiernan knew about the listing was at 8.56am the following Monday morning when State solicitor Michael O’Donovan called him from the court.

He said Mr Tiernan, who was dealing with a case in another town, dictated two letters which were faxed to the courthouse and Chief State Solicitors Office (CSSO) at 9.25am, objecting as he could not be present to make a submission.

Is This the same man ?


Solicitor hit with €1.4m in penalties

Mr Tiernan, Longfield Road, Newry, got the loan in 2006 to buy 103 acres of lands zoned residential at Castlewarden, Naas, with the intention of ‘flipping on’ the lands within a year at a profit, Lyndon MacCann, for ACC, told Mr Justice Frank Clarke at the Commercial Court on Tuesday.

Counsel said it later emerged Mr Tiernan never owned the Naas lands and the bank had no first legal mortgage over those.

Mr Tiernan had defaulted on payment of the Naas loan and other loans advanced to him over five years by ACC’s Park Street, Dundalk branch, and the bank secured a judgment for € 12 million against him last year.


Company number NI049608

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TIERNAN, Bernadette
Correspondence address
157 Longfield Road, Forkhill, Newry
Appointed on
7 February 2004
Northern Irish

Bernadette TIERNAN – Personal Appointments (free information from …



Bernadette TIERNAN … TIERNANS SOLICITORS LIMITED (NI049608). Company status: Dissolved. Correspondence address: 157 Longfield Road, Forkhill, …

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