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I have lived in my grandmother’s (Grace McEvoy) home all my life with my siblings and my mother (Jackie McEvoy.) Paul Tiernan and his wife Bernadette Heaney fraudulently changed my late grandmothers will during a time she lacked mental capacity.
Paul Tiernan represented my father in my sexual abuse case in 2002. The sexual abuse case was never dealt with and was changed from sexual abuse into a contact case which went on for seven years. In this contact case, Paul Tiernan and his team argued that myself and siblings should be removed from our home and placed into care because they claimed my grandmother would be a “potential abuser”. They used the excuse of my grandmother being abused when she was a child. Judge Loughran granted them an emergency order to remove us and place us into care immediately but they never carried it out and the case ended with no outcome or a Judge’s Judgement. My grandmother would never have chosen Paul Tiernan or his wife to change her will given the allegations which were made against her.
Paul Tiernan also represented my father in my parents divorce/settlement case in which my father’s true assets, his millions, were never taking into account. My mother’s counsel at the time, Solicitor Geraldine McIntyre did not take into account my fathers true assets in which she was well aware of as she had documents of properties that he owned. My father one time said to my mother “shes not working for you” meaning Geraldine McIntyre was not working for my mother. In the consent order dated 2004, Paul Tiernan signed himself off as a Solicitor but according to Law Society there was never a registered Paul Tiernan Solicitor in Northern Ireland.
In the year 2014, My grandmother’s mental capacity was declining she was “unable to recognise family members” and “could not make or communicate decisions” according to the NHS. On the 1st of January 2015, Paul Tiernan and Bernadette Heaney fraudulently changed my late grandmother will during a time she lacked mental capacity, this was 10 weeks after Paul Tiernans brother Francis Tiernan was jailed for will fraud of Catherine Haughey

Francis Tiernan from Forkhill, County Armagh, jailed over £1m will fraud.


Paul Tiernan wrote the handwritten will and acts as witness and his wife Bernadette Heaney acts as second witness and executor who is “authorised to charge professional fees” they both sign themselves of as Solicitors. Bernadette Heaney has been committing the criminal offence of pretending to be a Solicitor in Northern Ireland through emails and her affidavit summons in which she pretends to work at Tiernans Solicitors Newry. In December 2015, our first legal team, Solicitor Bernadette Rafferty (Rafferty’s Solicitors Newry) and Barrister John Coyle, applied for legal aid under the terms “the will of the late Grace McEvoy is strange. The executor is impersonating a Solicitor”. They promised that they will use the Law Society letter against Bernadette Heaney and that would result in her being removed as executor and action taking against her for her criminal offence and the fraudulent will. But this legal team did a major u-turn and was delaying using the law society letter against her. When we kept begging them to expose the fraud, they decided to come off record and they deliberately misinformed us on the details of their application to come off record before the master, so we wouldn’t be there. We were left to misrepresent ourselves, in April 2016 we attended Court before Justice Horner and informed him of Bernadette Heaney and the fraudulent will, to which he said “Fraud must be dealt with first” and this caused to the departure of Bernadette Heaney’s first Barrister. Our second legal team Solicitor Gary Rocks (Thompson Crooks) and Barrister John Hussey were only with us for a short time before they tricked us into signing an untitled handwritten document, written by Bernadette Heaney’s third Barrister Tom Fee, that was renamed “Tomlin Order” by Justice Horner. The document takes away our inheritance, takes away our defence and allows Bernadette Heaney to take fees from the estate. It goes against everything this legal team was getting legal aid for.  We were able to prove misrepresentation and conspiracy months after, when Solicitor Gary Rocks sent to the Law Society an email conversation that took place three days before we were tricked into signing the “Tomlin Order”. This resulted in Gary Rocks being fired from Thompson Crooks Solicitors. It proves that the Tomlin Order was created after this legal team already had taken actions to relieve themselves from representing us. This evidence was presented to both Justice Horner and the Lord Chief Justice who both ignored it and refused to put aside the Tomlin Order, despite them receiving no argumentation objecting from Bernadette Heaney and her counsel. In fact, Justice Horner presented a defence argument through his Judgement as did Lord Chief Justice Morgan. We have spent the past four years in court arguing against these two Judges, who became defendants for the real defendant and her counsel who were non-verbal and often non-attendant, these two Judges ignored all our evidence including the Law Society letters and medical records of my late grandmother and both these Judges denied us further access to medical evidences that would have strengthened our case. We never had a hearing despite being in both the High Court and the Court of Appeals. Bernadette Heaney won each case despite never bringing forward any evidence, defence or arguments to this case. They rewarded possession to her without taking into account that we have stated  many times that we wanted to buy my grandmothers house.
Tomlin order is a court order in the English civil justice system under which a court action is stayed, on terms which have been agreed in advance between the parties and which are included in a schedule to the order. As such, it is a form of consent order.
In 2016 My mother Jackie McEvoy brought forward a case in relation to my father breaching the consent order 2004. He did not pay child maintenance which has calculated at £97,000+ and he did not transfer property into my mothers name. We were going to use this case to buy my grandmother’s home which was validated at £140,000 and this was said to Justice Horner in Court. But then Bernadette Heaney’s Solicitor and niece-in-Law, Solicitor Alana McElroy/Alana Tiernan (from Tiernans Solicitors Newry,) who represents Bernadette Heaney in her case but has never put her name to any document or answers any emails/letters in reference to her case, walked into this case and became the legal representative of my father all in the bid to stop us from raising the money to buy my grandmother’s house and the case disappeared.
The PSNI, Law Society and the Courts continue to pass the buck on to one another.  These three agencies have failed their duties and obligations for a couple who have zero evidence and have never explained the making of the will. Despite the rejection from former Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, Lord Kerr who refused our appeal to the supreme court, we believe this case is a public’s interest especially since this family has a history of will frauds and the public has a right to know how the Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan and Justice Horner have acted/behaved in these proceedings. The case is ridiculous, Bernadette Heaney’s five Barristers have a duty to report criminal activity instead all of them have ran away. Bernadette Heaney’s niece in law/solicitor Alana McElroy/Alana Tiernan refuses to attach her name to these proceedings and has sent no correspondents. The Courts are acting as defendants for Bernadette Heaney who does not have any evidence or arguments. We need all this to end and a fraud case brought forward once and for all to deal with this couple and the fraudulent will.
Michelle McCartney
Jacqueline McEvoy

Case of Northern Ireland journalists arrested after reporting on police corruption adds to global fears about media repression.

These Are Alleged Allegations proven by the author above and the members of the family.
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