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I am writing to you to donate or share this Post to all social media and email lists as I am at my wits end with the NHS Highland in Scotland Joanne Peacher Is suffering.

If you are a business we know you have your local and national good causes step up and show great Britain you care and let’s show politics people can work together for a positive outcome.

Factory, Office, Employer or Employee consider raising money for our cause this is politics an abused child now 50 as an adult with life long mental health undiagnosed PTSD shouldn’t have to suffer.

We are grateful that we have been offered a new knee sadly the wait is the issue and unusual circumstances..

It has taken us months to get this far and it really is driving my wife mad we don’t want to upset anyone.

Highland patients have to wait twice as long for treatments as they did three years ago

My wife has severe mental health a mild learning disability and needs a full knee replacement we were told she can have one but the wait is long 12 months or more. This is due to the lack of funding and an ageing population the Scottish goverment introduced as well as the whole of the UK targets that never get met due to lack of money and people trained for the job.

The GP won’t give strong pain medication due to addiction and the knee is knackered and no referral to a pain clinic its really hopeless at the moment.

‘Hundreds’ faced bullying at NHS Highland

Times when we were happy.



What options are our options email us


We will do whatever another hospital doctor or trust says.

We can go via the S2 Route for funding but we need to find a hospital abroad willing to do it.

As we have no money this is our only option.

Can the Hospitals In Europe help us please contact us?

Your hospital would need to accept Joanne as a patient and the UK refund you.

We have the forms and are ready to go anywhere asap.

Would you if your an NHS trust accept a referral I believe its called a hospital transfer or e referral from the highland region to your region the NHS in highland says this can not be done.

We don’t have money or credit as we are on benefits.

We Live in the highland region with waiting lists going through the mountains.

My wife is 20 stone her BMI is 40  so some doctors are worried about treating her she is swimming at the gym and trying but it’s hard.

Joanne threatens to self-harm daily and often overdoses on pain relief due to the lack of support and her understanding.

I feel its a matter of time as soon if we can’t find a solution she will go further downhill.

Joannes severe knee pain has made her mental health worsen and she has had to give up activities that kept her mind well before that she had criminal convictions for threatening professionals.

See the go fund me page for details.

What is our best option our GPS don’t care or don’t know the trust has helped a little but nothing huge?

If you can donate a little we would go abroad urgently for treatment.

Joanne is a child abuse survivor who is awaiting compensation before 2021 from the Scottish government as these abusers are often dead or above the law.


Joanne and i would give the money back when the compensation comes should we get it if someone loaned it to us or could pay a monthly fee if we got a loan we have no access to credit cards and would take us a year to save up the money needed to go abroad.


Joanne’s Abuse Story.


joannes rape story in a kids home at the Scottish government inquiry.


Other Trusts we asked for advice they clearly state the waiting lists at their hospital is a lot less than the highland region however our area is as large as Belgium.


Nhs Fife

I am not clear where you are on the pathway (i.e. has your GP referred you already) but I spoke with Service Manager and the maximum wait that you can anticipate would be 12 weeks from GP referral to Outpatient appointment and a further maximum of 12 weeks from clinic to operation. Our waiting time is dictated by clinical need so if you are deemed a greater priority the wait from clinic to surgery could be shorter.


Nhs Borders

You mention in your query that you feel the BGH have a long waiting list for treatment, I can advise that the current waiting list for our orthopaedic services is 11 weeks for an outpatient and 12 weeks for an inpatient/day case procedure. I am advised by our waiting time’s team that these are the best waiting times in the whole of Scotland at the end of March.  Information on waiting times within NHS Borders can be found .

Andy Peacher

07368 240134

NHS Highland recruitment drive following extra £2m to cut waiting times

Chairman and medical director step down from NHS Highland board Inverness.

Chairman and medical director step down from NHS Highland board

‘Hundreds’ faced bullying at NHS Highland

‘Destructive bullying’ at NHS Highland, say whistleblowers

NHS Highland criticised for chronic pain waiting times

NHS Highland criticised for chronic pain waiting times

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