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Lets Name and Shame All Social Workers

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STOP PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME !  ABOLISH FORCED ADOPTION !Bring back “free speech” and stop gagging parents involved with family courts and their children in care;

Ian Josephs


Children Screaming to be heard


Researching Reform.

Researching Reform is a project dedicated to child welfare in the family justice system and was started in 2008. In that same year, The Times newspaper nominated the project’s website a useful resource for families going through divorce and in 2009, JD Supra voted the project’s editor, who has a legal background, one of their Savvy Women in The Law. Today, we’re very privileged to have a following both in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Researching Reform is dedicated to simplifying the family justice system and finding solutions to the current problems faced by families and practitioners alike.  Researching Reform produces events, up to date analysis and articles all relating to the practical realities of divorce and child welfare-based policies, as experienced in the family justice system and beyond. We are dedicated to the welfare of the child and this central theme runs through every project we work on.

Forced Adoption in UK at all time high; state is stealing children …

5 Jun 2017 – Forced Adoption [1] in the UK appears to be big business, with thousands of children removed from families each year; many of them becoming subject to foster care or adoption. When children are adopted, the parents often do not know where they are going, to what kind of family, where in the country …






Ian Josephs M.A. (Oxon)

STOP PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME !  ABOLISH FORCED ADOPTION !Bring back “free speech” and stop gagging parents involved with family courts and their children in care;


Main sections if you wish to find useful information in detail are “The Introduction”,”Golden rules”,and “What you can do”.

CHOOSE these from the chapter headings right at the top of this page.

 What is wrong and what needs to happen …. A brief explanation………..

  STOP social workers  acting like police and leave crime detection to the real police !!

STOP these bullies snatching thousands of children at birth for “risk of emotional abuse”(predictions of future disasters that probably will never happen:) and STOP the family court judges giving away every year thousands of these babies  to strangers for “forced adoption”; We must stop the snatching of kids from  law abiding parents;Why do we have laws if we punish those who keep the law?There should be”.No punishment without crime !”

If we must have social workers they should be there to help and support problem families and never never appear as adversaries in a courtroom .That is the function of the police who are there to detect crimes such as abuse or neglect of children and should never be any part of the duties of genuine social workers whose real job should be to help parents and not to snatch their children. IGNORE social workers ;Never obey them ,talk to them,or let them in your house, as they have no authority .They rely on bluff and bluster to get the evidence from you to help them take your children.They make their living that way…….They will even tell you that you will go to prison if you discuss your case with anyone! That is in fact a lie as the law says that you can talk with individuals  but not reveal children’s names or your own name to “sections of the public” (public mmeetings,tv,radio,facebook etc) until all court proceedings have finished and then you can reveal all !!

Ignore also legal aid lawyers ,known in the trade as “Professional losers” because they work with the social workers ,gagging  parents (and children in care) to make sure the”SS” win in court Yes “free speech” goes out of the window for parents and children both in and out of our UK  family courts ! .Represent yourself by sacking these  lawyer/enemies who are only there to betray you.Also never go to a psychiatrist or worse still a psychologist chosen by the “SS” or the court (legally they should be chosen jointly).They are known as “hired guns” who diagnose “difficult” parents who resist the “SS” with personality disorders and so unfit to care for babies…

If we must have these biased judges (who believe predictions from absent experts over live testimony from parents)  and prejudiced family courts (L.J.Thorpe)   I CHALLENGE any  judge  to name just one situation that could justify the vile practice of authorising the taking of babies at birth from sane law abiding mothers for “RISK” of emotional abuse and then giving these babies and young children up for adoption by complete strangers .I maintain NO circumstances can  such justified….

Contact IAN:-

 Leave me  a contact phone number,and let me know (morning,afternoon or evening) when you can receive a call from me .Try to leave your phone switched on as it annoying for me when I keep getting voicemail when I ring you !!Usually I will get back to you within 24 hours) I will pay for the call. I will NEVER NEVER ask you for any money!)Try if possible to email me(no texts or Facebook entries as I have no time to check these daily) Monday – Friday 9am-5pm avoiding Sunday so that you get a quick reply from me and my wife has time to chat with me !ALWAYS  ALWAYS add your phone number to every email you send  me . I never note phone numbers because there are hundreds of them and the names cease to remind me of the facts of the cases.Also note I DO NOT DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENTSAS THEY OFTEN CONTAIN A VIRUS.Please Scan documents and send them by email if you want me to read them !

I got into helping parents in the sixties when I was elected to Kent County Council but had to give up court appearances helping bereft parents and opposing my own Council in family court proceedings (I NEVER LOST A CASE).I had to save my neglected language school which needed my urgent personal attention;Since 2003 when I had established very successful language businesses in France I have helped thousands (yes thousands!) of parents who have had their children taken by the “SS” especially when their children have been given away to strangers for forced adoption !Unfortunately the law changed in 1989 and I can no longer represent parents in court as although I have a law degree I am not a solicitor or barrister.

I never never ask anyone for money. I was awarded  a law degree (M.A Hons (jurisprudence)from Oxford University but eventually went into business not law Social workers and family courts have never bothered me or my family but I still hate injustice and especially forced adoption! (I actually invented this phrase around 2003!).I also run two educational  companies so if you want to check up on me before contacting me just  click   and and then watch the three videos below made by BBC,ITV,and Channel 4 in which I feature.

We usually need to talk as Emails alone cannot answer the questions I need to ask !I do not need or want a long explanation just the FACTS as they are today NOT how or why they came about !Do tell me at least the basic information

1:-How many children do you have and how old are they ?

2:- Are they living with you,with your ex Partner,with relatives,in fostercare,or placed for adoption?

3 :-Are your children under a section 20,an interim care order, an adoption placement or has there been a final adoption order? When exactly were any of these orders made?

4:-What reasons did the JUDGE (not the ss) give for (a) removing them from your care.(b)(if applicable) deciding that the last and only resort possible was adoption?(c)(if applicable)Stopping or severely restricting your contact?

5:-Have you got 1) a criminal record and do you have problems with 2)drugs or 3) alcohol?(Don’t worry even if you have all three as I will still advise you and help you .)



Short one or two line answers please ! Not a complete life story !

I REPEAT ! ALWAYS  ALWAYS add your PHONE NUMBER to every email you send me at . I never note phone numbers because there are hundreds of them and the names cease to remind me of the facts of the cases.


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  • Minhaj Jolly

    Reguards my 1yr old little boy being forced adopted
    Hey Can u fone mi back on 07399904007 or on 01942 821773 this is mi home address 32 Dryden Close Worsley mesnes Wigan WN3 5TD as I want this reporting as we ave appealed time and time again plus gone few high court London n now on the 20th of March we hand our 1 yr old beautiful little boy over we’ve nt had him from birth plus I wasn’t allowed ta go to his birth but under common law I am so social services ave broken the law plus they got mi sons mum ta register his birth within an hr of his birth so they add his papers for court so they could get him adopted plus they already made there mind up before he was born that any child we had they would take but why lie to us both by saying go on a electronic baby course if u pass then ur partner can ave her in-plant took out which we passed plus on the 22 September 2015 that’s when min partner got first pregnant but she miscarriage that one n the second one then this is the 3rd one and child service was involved from when she first ever got pregnant he was taken into Forster care from birth where we was aloud to see him once a week for an hour and half then we had the good bye contact 4th July last yr we’ve not seen him since plus mi own mum add to apply to be a grandma and she wasn’t allowed to see him at anytime when mi partners mum brother sister and auntie where plus on the final hearing in April 2017 mi mum go granted to go and see her grandson only at the good bye contact and that was it for all of us no support it’s all a money making game as we all know that every child under the age of one yrs old that social services get adopted they get £27k for why can they not do there job and take the children off the bad parents not the good ones.
    And I would like a reporter at Hanley family court in stoke on Trent at around 10am on the 20th March plus if I have to pay for my story I will from mr jolly

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