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Beverley Searle has been an independent researcher of the mind for over 20 years and I have developed an 9 step process called My Envisioned Mind

When you look at the graph (attached) for PTSD, in only 10 hours of therapy these people alleviated it, plus depression, anxiety and stress. This is an evidence based trial under an American university PhD student.

I have presented at world and Australasian conferences and do you think the ‘professionals’ are interested in this process? No it is outside of their ‘box’ even though based on sound psychological theories!!

BUT OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN, EMERGENCY WORKERS need to know about My Envisioned Mind. It will be the end of their suffering: don’t they deserve to get well?

Look at Anorexia: 1 in 100 people have this disorder and 10% die from it. And the medical model is failing our young people.

I have been able to get support from a charitable organization and am now looking for people with anorexia and a place to hold a 3 week retreat in South East Asia, and Jamaica/Mexico if possible (due to the cheaper rates for retreats).

I am a mental health rebel, who does not believe that the medical model is getting people well!

I have a product which works (95% success rate) for most mental health issues.

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