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Bernadette Heaney/Tiernan

To our knowledge, Paul Tiernan’s wife Bernadette Heaney first began impersonating a Solicitor from Tiernans Solicitors Newry, on the 1st of January 2015. She has continued this portrayal throughout 2015, via emails were she has signing herself off as “Bernie Heaney, Solicitor, Tiernans Solicitors”. The strange behaviour does not stop there, Bernadette Heaney posing as a Solicitor, once arranged an appointment with us at Tiernans Solicitors for the 4th of June 2015 and the time was 4:45pm, 15 minutes to closing time. When we arrived for this appointment we told the receptionist at the desk that we had an appointment with “Solicitor” Bernadette Heaney. We’ll never forget the confusion on that receptionist face as she had us repeat Bernadette Heaney’s name numerous times, she then told us to wait in the waiting room. In the waiting room we met a lady who was very chatty, she told us that she wasn’t meant to be there and that she randomly received a phone call from Paul Tiernan telling her that he needed to see her. She told us she had no clue as to what it was all about. After the lady was told that Paul Tiernan would like to see her by the receptionist, we waited in the empty waiting room for 45 minutes wondering why Bernadette Heaney was taking so long. After a long wait, the receptionist came and she guided us to a room to where Paul Tiernan was. We were confused as Bernadette Heaney was suppose to be there to read out my late mother’s will. Paul Tiernan acting as a Solicitor, claimed “his colleague” couldn’t make it and had asked him to stand in for her. But according to the Law Society of Northern Ireland Paul Tiernan and his wife Bernadette Heaney did not work at Tiernans Solicitors Newry, they are not colleagues but they are husband and wife. Paul Tiernan read the will to us after 5pm closing time, the building was empty apart from that one receptionist. This couple has been hiding behind this firm for years. On the 22nd of November 2015, Bernadette Heaney summons my daughter and I to court and in her Affidavit summons she referred to herself as a Solicitor and again used the Tiernan Solicitors Newry address as her address.


When it was discovered that Bernadette Heaney was impersonating a Solicitor, this couple did not stop hiding behind the firm. They used Orla Sarsfield who was Solicitor at Tiernans to act as their representative, but the letters we received were quite clearly written by Paul Tiernan who always signed off “Tiernans Solicitors” instead of a Solicitor’s name. When Orla Sarsfield left the Tiernans Solicitors early 2016 and relocated to another firm, the Tiernans still send out letters that ended with “Tiernans Solicitors” we had no idea who in that firm was acting on behalf of Bernadette Heaney and when we would email the Tiernans Solicitors asking them who her solicitor was, we would receive an email back stating “Bernadette Heaney’s representatives are Tiernans Solicitors”. We know that Paul Tiernan was the one behind all these emails and letters. In 2017, this couple then had their niece Alana McElroy who is a Solicitor at Tiernans Solicitors, appear for them at court reviews and court appearances however she never spoke once in court in relation to these court proceedings. She never has put her name to any court documentation or correspondences so that there will be no trace of her. All correspondences came from “Tiernans Solicitors”. Just like what they did with Orla, they used their niece as a face but behind the scenes Paul Tiernan was pushing all the buttons and making the correspondences. This is not a far fetch statement, because in the beginning “Bernadette Heaney” once made an Affidavit talking about the ins and outs of my marriage, the marriage Paul Tiernan covered in my divorce case. The only person in that firm that would know such details was the man hiding behind the firm, Mr Paul Tiernan.

When Freedom Talk Radio was sent an email from “Tiernans Solicitors” we noticed that the email was not sent from Tiernans Solicitors in Newry, it was sent from Tiernans Solicitors Ireland. This is the first correspondence the “Tiernans” have made from the Ireland firm in reference to this case. The case is a Northern Ireland matter not an Ireland matter. It is very interesting that an Ireland email address was used and not the usual Tiernans Solicitors Newry email address. The email is quite clearly written by Paul Tiernan because all letters and emails ending in “Tiernans Solicitors” are written by Paul Tiernan. The couple claim that their niece Alana is their Solicitor, so why didn’t she send the email? Why are they now hiding behind the Ireland firm and not hiding behind the Newry firm?

The email asks for our publication to be removed as it claims that everything we have said is not factual. It needs to be noted that we have evidence and Paul Tiernan and his wife Bernadette Heaney does not. The only evidence that was submitted by this couple to Justice Horner was a £100,000 validation of the property at 7 Ashgrove Newry. The property that was promised to me in my divorce settlement. This was produced by them to inform the courts that I had property and therefore should not be entitled to the inheritance act 1975 to which my mother would have had to make reasonable financial provision for my brother, my children and I as we lived in her home for decades. Once, we were tricked by our legal team into signing away this Inheritance claim, Justice Horner who acted as counsel for this couple ignored the previous evidence that was given to him and claimed in his Judgement that we didn’t have the capable of raising £140,000 to buy my siblings out. We were made rich and poor depending on how the situation best suited this couple. When we appealed Justice Horner’s decision, Paul Tiernan and Bernadette Heaney then sent their niece Alana McElroy into the separate case that we brought forward against my ex-husband in relation to breech of consent order as he did not transfer the property at 7 Ashgrove into my name or pay child maintenance which has calculated today at £97,000+. They had Alana McElroy walk into this straightforward case all in the bid to stop us from raising the money to buy my siblings out and the case disappeared without a trace.

In the email sent to Freedom Talk Radio, Paul Tiernan threatens to take action against the radio station and collect compensation. All this man thinks about is ways to get money out of whatever situation. At one point in the case, he wanted to add two non beneficiaries and a beneficiary into the case solely to claim fees from them. This man and his wife should never been given the power in these courts.

Jacqueline McEvoy
Michelle McCartney

More Evidence.


From: Orla Sarsfield < >
Sent: 10 November 2015 15:33
To: Jackie McEvoy
Subject: Re: Requesting Bernedette’s Occupation Again…

Dear Madam

As you are well aware, Bernadette Heaney is a Solicitor.  I will not engage in any more correspondence of this type.  You have already been advised of the position.  Court proceedings are now being issued without further notice.


—– Original Message —–

From:   Jackie Mcevoy

To: Orla Sarsfield

Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2015 5:25 PM

Subject: Requesting Bernedette’s Occupation Again…

Jackie McEvoy


Co. Down

Wednesday, 4th November 2015

Dear Bernie,

This is fourth time that I had emailed you requesting information on your Occupation, I need a Clarification. And possibly I would also like information on your marriage status too.

It wasn’t declared in this new will my mother’s state of mind. So I’d be grateful if you can help me to maintain all of my mother’s Health Records.

Yours faithfully,



To: Jackie Mcevoy
Subject: Grace McEvoy Deceased
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 09:26:33 +0100

Dear Madam

Your emails of 4th June refers.  I am now writing in reply.  I believe Paul Tiernan explained to you that due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to attend. The meeting was delayed to see if I could make it but unfortunately, I could not.  I apologise for that.  I believe that Paul Tiernan read the terms of the will and explained them to you.  The terms of the will are very straightforward.  It was your mother’s express instructions that the house be sold and proceeds of sale to be divided equally between you and all your siblings to include any other estate that she held.  You will note that this means you will have to vacate the house.  Again, this was your late mother’s express instructions.  No one is accusing you of being any sort of villain.  I believe that at the meeting you stated that you knew you would not inherit the house and would have to leave it.  Should you have any queries please revert to me.  Should you wish to meet to further discuss, there is no difficultly whatsoever.

I await hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Bernie Heaney



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