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Arthur Raffertys NHS Torture even today belfast trust fails to treat arthur as a human being but a man who wants answers for their failings and the failings of the court and justice system for not charging Freddie scapaccirtti  with the murder of Arthur Rafferty SR.

Arthur feels a victim of religious Discrimination based on his faith thats not the faith of the majority involved in this case.

Belfast Nhs Trusts has told mr Rafferty we wont pay nhs travel costs for your treatment in a english hospital.


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We invite or challenge each doctor and the trust to prove these facts incorrect and you have a right of reply.

These doctors all played a part in misdiagnosing asbestosis a chronic & Life

threatning Disease.

Belfast Trust Medical Director – DR. Tony Stevens

Karen O’Kane
Executive Office Manager
Tel: 028 9442 4327

Dr. Joe Kidney – Mater Hospital

How did doctors diagnose Copd rather than Asbestosis ? was it to do with Dr Joe Kidneys research i

wonder ?


Dr. John Loughran – Mater Hospital

Dr. Richard Shepherd – City Hospital

Dr. John Lawson – City Hospital


Dr. Wendy Anderson – Antrim Area Hospital

Dr. V Bhanddri – Royal Victoria Hospital


Asbestosis can lead to malignant mesothelioma, a severe form of lung cancer.

Other types of lung cancer may develop if you smoke.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is another serious condition that can result

from asbestosis. A buildup of fluid around your lungs, known as pleural effusion,

is also associated with asbestosis.

Factors that affect the severity of the disease include how long you were exposed to

asbestos and how much of it you inhaled. The condition progresses at a slower rate once

your exposure to asbestos stops. People who have the disease but do not develop

complications can survive for decades.

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