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March 13th 2018.

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Feb 23 2018.


British born, Mrs. Barbara Hofschroer was born on 13th December 1928. She was kidnapped by her abusers in May 2014. Her current whereabouts and status are unknown. She has “disappeared”.

Her son, Peter Hofschroer, was born on 28th May 1956, and has both British and German citizenship. He has been confined to the Sigmund Freud Klinikum in Graz, Austria, for life –  although mentally sound.

Barbara and Peter have exposed serious, organised crime and corruption at high levels in Britain, Austria, and Germany. They maintain that they have been detained to prevent further exposure of cross-border criminality undertaken by senior officials. It is thought that Barbara might be confined to a local authority care home in York, England, although nothing has been hear from or about her for many months. It is not known whether or not she is still alive.

Peter was detained in Britain on 1st December 2014, just minutes before commencing a private prosecution case that would have exposed fraud and criminality committed against Barbara and himself, which also involved police and local authorities. He was held ON REMAND until June 2016, when he was convicted of possession of indecent images. He continues to dispute the allegations and maintains that the images were planted by police or another party. Evidence supporting this was withheld from the court. Peter and his supporters also maintain that he has not had a fair trial, with Article 6 of the ECHR being seriously violated.

As Peter had already served longer in jail than the sentence received, he was due for immediate release. However, he continued to be held in custody pending extradition to Austria to face various charges, which he maintains are false. Extradition took place in July 2017, and Peter was first held in jail pending trial. However, most of the charges were dropped and, in November 2017, he was transferred to a psychiatric institute FOR LIFE, without ever having been examined by a psychiatrist in Austria.

The psychiatrist who wrote this report was a certain university professor, Dr. Manfred Walzl. It has been said that he is known to fake reports to facilitate the imprisonment of opponents of the regime. His report determined that Peter suffers from such a severe paranoid personality disorder that he is a danger to the public, and that he needs to be confined for life. This, however, conflicts with all the evidence. A psychiatrist in England examined Peter in person, and determined that he is of sound mind. Furthermore, suitably qualified friends and professionals confirm that he has no mental health issues.

Peter maintains that all these allegations of crime and mental incapacity have been fabricated in order to (a) prevent his exposure of official corruption in Britain, Austria, and Germany; (b) discredit him and the evidence of this corruption he, and others, have already published in the public domain; (3) allow corrupt officials, working in co-operation with certain family members, to defraud Barbara and Peter of their assets in Britain and Austria.


Lord Kenneth Maginnis, member of the British House of Lords, working with a professional investigator, produced sufficient evidence for what should be a successful prosecution of offences by police and social workers involved in the actions to defraud Barbara of her house in England. In May 2012, in Parliament, he called for a “thorough investigation” into the Hofschroer case.


Please write letters of support to Barbara to cheer her up. Barbara loves cats. Greetings cards with cat pictures might give her a smile, but any letters of encouragement to say you are supporting her and Peter will be very welcome.

Barbara Hofschroer

Haxby Hall,York Road, Haxby, York ,

North Yorkshire, YO32 3DX

The telephone number for Haxby Hall is shown below.

01904  768944 Manager  Anne MacPherson

This, however, did not  take place and, shortly afterwards, North Yorkshire Police entered Barbara’s house and claim to have found incriminating evidence against Peter in the house.

During this time, Peter and Barbara were in exile in Austria, and the Austrian authorities then claimed that Peter lacked mental capacity, even though they had never met him, and commenced proceedings to have him confined to a psychiatric institute for the rest of his life. Peter and Barbara were then forced to seek refuge in Germany, where they were granted “Persecuted Persons” status. However, in May 2014, German police and others violently kidnapped Barbara, and allowed her persecutors to take her to England. Both Barbara and Peter are frail and disabled. Physical violence was used against them.

Since then, Barbara has been held against her will. She was known, at one time, to be held in a Yorkshire care home run by the local authorities. She is said to have been denied critical medication, her glasses, and more. She suffered a life-changing injury due to what is believed to be wilful neglect, and has been stripped of all her assets. Barbara was, and still is, being held incommunicado and it is not certain whether or not she is still alive. The English courts (in particular the infamous secret court, The Court of Protection), has acted in collusion with her persecutors.


Peter’s court appeal against his confinement to a psychiatric prison was denied. The courts refused to consider evidence or hear witnesses supporting his case.

Meanwhile, the Austrian state prosecutor has dropped two and a half of the three charges against Peter. The outstanding matter is so petty that it does not warrant imprisonment.

Peter maintains that he and his mother have been subjected to persecution and imprisonment due to their anti-corruption activism, and their exposure of serious organised crime committed by officials in several member states of the European Union. His case appears to be far from unique, and he asserts that has knowledge of reports concerning a large number of people being held in Austrian mental institutions due to their opposition of the regime – i.e. political prisoners like himself.

The level of corruption in the Hofschroer case has deterred lawyers from giving Barbara and Peter proper advice and support. Neither of them has had effective legal representation, and their case has not had effective media exposure, despite the efforts of Lord Maginnis (The case is mentioned several times in Hansard.) and others. On the contrary, the British police alone have spent in excess of one million pounds in CIVIL ACTIONS to block all publicity concerning this case. No action of libel has been commenced against those involved in exposing official corruption, just a trumped up harassment charge and public monies used to silence critics.



The Sonia Poulton Interview with Peter &Barbara.


Peter is being held as a political prisoner 

by   Dr. Manfred Maier

Please Email This Doctor as often as you can supporting peter to be released at once.


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This Doctor Is Also Involved  in peters case

Univ. Dr. Manfred Walzl

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Board of the sleep medicine at the Landesnervenklinik “Sigmund Freud” in Graz

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The Judge Involved in the Case.

Dr Martin Stefula  

Court Counselor of the Supreme Court


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