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Author Timothy Spearman Intellectual Prostitutes and Gatekeepers.

Very often the corrupt intellectual prostitutes and gatekeepers holding appointments as university deans, department heads, tenured professors, or sometimes even a professor emeritus, will gain their foothold on the stairway to advancement as a member of the academic landed gentry by acting sycophants of the madams and pimps of the establishment while denigrating the philosophers and academicians who present genuine findings that they will dismiss as mere “conspiracy theory”. As a for instance, I recently had an article about Paul McCartney published in a volume called “And I Suppose We Didn’t Go to the Moon Either” with Moon Rock Books

The case for McCartney being replaced has been virtually put to bed by a solid forensic research study done by a pair of Italian scientists a few years ago. Their article appeared in the August 2009 Italian issue of WIRED magazine, in which the two forensic scientists presented their findings based on a biometrical analysis of Paul pre- and post-1966. The initial motivation of the scientists was to expose the whole Paul-is-dead myth as a hoax, but they actually ended up virtually proving Paul was replaced instead. The two Italians, Francesco Gavazzeni (IT analyst) and Carlesi Gabriella (medico-legal), studied images of Paul McCartney taken before and after his alleged death, and claimed there is a high probability that it was not the same person, based on analysis of the shape of the skull and jaw, the curve of the jaw, the ear, palate and teeth. A close examination of the jaw line revealed that, “The mandibular curve between the two sets of photos showed a discrepancy of over 6 percent, well beyond the threshold of error. There was also evidence that the development of the mandibular profile had been changed in the individual identified as “Paul McCartney” after 1966. Before 1966, each side of the jaw is composed of two curves, but after 1967, there appears to be a single curve. There is therefore a curve morphological difference in terms of before and after, according to the study. (Andriola and Alessandra Di Fabio Gigante, “Ask Who Was the ‘Beatle,’” WIRED Magazine, July 15, 2009, But the lamestream media and academia will continue to propagate the lies within their dens of iniquity and hand out favors to each for concocting the best ready-made bullshit story for the next publication, basking in the glory of their high class prostitute lifestyle while sipping martinis as they entertain each other with their droll humor and intellectually masturbatory rhetoric as the fools and jesters of our prostituted world.

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  • Paul Brooks

    We know ignorance is no excuse for ignoring the law, plus I was only following orders is the lamest excuse, but why does corruption rule in my country?

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