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The Arthur Raferty Murder of 1974

How the British security forces are helping a killer spy to rebuild his life.

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Arthur Rafferty Shot Dead By Freddie Scappaticci Aledged PSNI & Onbudsman Cover Up

Rogue Irish police officers colluded with the IRA during the Troubles and even stopped senior members being arrested, former republican intelligence chief claims

Irish police tipped-off the IRA about planned arrests, a new book claims
Former IRA intelligence officer Kieran Conway makes the claims in a book
Mr Conway alleges top Irish politicians and bankers also supported the IRA
A separate probe found no evidence of collusion between IRA and RUC
Members of Arthur Rafferty’s family claimed the RUC covered-up his death
Mr Rafferty was murdered by the IRA in Belfast in 1974 in a gun attack
His family claims the killers worked as informants for the RUC in Belfast
The Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland found no evidence of collusion.

Police Investigating Police surprise surprise.

Arthur Rafferty JR Asking for a public Enquiry.


Police officers who sabotaged child abuse probes guilty of misconduct

Ex-paratrooper charged over Bloody Sunday ‘one soldier too many’

MI5 has rebuilt the life of a “killer spy” who was the British Army’s highest- ranking double agent at the heart of the IRA, and a man implicated in dozens of murders.–1566659/


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